One of the primary differentiators that separates SIX from its competitors is that we are able to quickly put personnel in place with extensive Field Service experience. This experience is vital in order to provide on-time service and maintain a high reliability and availability for your training systems.

These technicians and engineers are experienced professionals capable of providing training system operations, maintenance and repair, to include scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, as well as comprehensive supply support services for replacement parts, including legacy items. We can expand your systems when your needs increase, thus preventing obsolescence.

SIX is fully qualified and prepared to provide the broad range of professional management, technical, staffing, logistics and support services required to guarantee uninterrupted and seamless support. These services include:

  • Contractor Operations and Maintenance of Simulators (COMS)
  • Contractor Logistics Services (CLS)
  • In-Service Engineering Office (ISEO) Services
  • Training Systems Support Center (TSSC) Services
  • Contractor Instructor Services (CIS)
  • Relocation Services        
  • Administrative Services
  • Access Control