SIX was created to support the Department of Defense. We can provide services to operate, maintain, modify and relocate training systems. These systems enable mission-oriented training of armed forces personnel. We are proud and privileged to support our government in this way. 

We specialize in simulators that are high-fidelity physical representations of equipment and system operating environments. These simulators provide a realistic environment for teaching and learning the sequences and responses appropriate for the diverse situations and events encountered in military operations. SIX ensures top-notch technical readiness in support of mission training. We: 

  • Engineer your solutions to satisfy your total training needs
  • Keep your training devices current and up-to-date when your requirements change 
  • Expand your system when your needs increase and prevent obsolescence 
  • Provide superior on-site Contractor Logistics Services to support your on-going training requirements  

Our expertise has been carefully developed for a multitude of service areas. We are able to draw from a reservoir of experience that is unmatched anywhere.