The SIXPAC comes complete with a licensed professional copy of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®, with cockpit configurations for Cessna 172 and Mooney Bravo.

Price $9,800. This Includes:    

- 36"x16"x6" Aluminum Enclosure
- I5 Processor and 16GB of Memory /Windows 10
- 1TB Hard Drive
- 27” LCD Touch Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
- Rotary Knobs for VOR1, VOR2, ADF, Altimeter,                 - Heading Bug and Attitude Indicator Adjustment
- Throttle, Prop and Mixture Control
- Avionics Panel
- Simulated GPS 530
- Rudder Pedals
- External Radios (COM 1, 2, NAV 1, 2), Elevator Trim Wheel, Flaps, Full Auto Pilot, DME, ADF, XPDR, Landing Gear.
- Flight Sound X® Headset Adapter
- Flight Timer
- IOS Computer/Luis Gordo Software/24" Monitor
- Lockheed Martin Professional Prepar3D®

Price Excludes

Shipping, Taxes, Tariffs or Other Fees
Optional Desk ($350)
Optional Force Feedback Yoke ($2,500)
Price Assumes Sale in the United States Only

International Price Could Vary

The SIXPAC is not approved or certified by the FAA for flight training. SIXPAC is in the process of FAA BATD certification.

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Allow 7 Weeks for Delivery


Price includes a 90 day warranty with an extended limited maintenance agreement available as an option.

Six Degrees of Simulation, Incorporated has developed an affordable, self-contained desktop flight simulator, utilizing Lockheed Martin Professional Prepar3D®. Meet the “SIXPAC”.

Our desktop is an afford­able system used for flight pro­ce­dures, aircraft startup, flight, and shut­down. You can per­form landing approaches, hold­ing pro­ce­dures, VOR tracking, fly pre-loaded missions or “Free Fly”.  Our device is designed to be used by anyone. No special training required. Our desktop comes complete with all features offered by Prepar3D such as 24,900 airports, realistic air traffic control, accurate topography and more.  

With the SIXPAC, there’s no need to purchase separate components. Everything you need comes with our desktop. .