“The Mentor” comes complete with a licensed professional copy of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®.

Base Price of
$45,000 includes:

- I5 Processor and 16GB of Memory/ Windows 7
- 1TB Hard Drive

- Three (3) 27” LCD Monitors, one (1) 24” LCD  Touchscreen

- Keyboard and Mouse
- Rudder Pedals
- Simulated Ejection Seat
- Seat Shaker
- Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog
- External Radio (COM 1, 2, NAV 1, 2), Landing Gear
- Flightcom Model IISX Voice Activated Portable Aviation Intercom
- Lockheed Martin Professional Prepar3D®

- Shipping, Taxes, Tariffs or Other Fees

For Sale in the United States Only
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This price includes a 90-day warranty with an extended limited warranty available as an option.

Six Degrees of Simulation, Incorporated has developed an affordable, self-contained jet flight simulator, utilizing Lockheed Martin Professional Prepar3D®. Meet “The Mentor”.

Our system is an afford­able simulator designed to immerse pilots in a cockpit environment. It can be used for basic flight familiarization, cockpit pro­ce­dure training, hypoxia training, (with the purchase of additional equipment) and deployable training, for the F-16C, F-22A, F-35A/C, T-6 Texan II, and T-45 aircraft.  

“The Mentor”is designed for easy setup.

  • All computer and peripheral gear is housed in the cockpit.
  • No external computer or equipment required.
  • No special training is required.
  • Comes complete with all features offered by Prepar3D®, such as 24,900 airports, realistic air traffic control, accurate topography and more.
  • Plug it in to 115VAC and you’re off and running!